Cycling… Getting out there

You’d think it would be easy to start training once you’ve got the bike. But then it rains, or it’s frosty, or it’s dark.

While I expect others may be happy to go out in these conditions I couldn’t. I needed to learn how to change gears, how to steer a bike and, quite frankly, how to ride a road bike. I wasn’t ready to risk my life and limb out on the roads when I had no idea what I was doing. I simply didn’t have the confidence.

To enable me to train without worrying about the weather or dark nights I set my bike up on a turbo trainer. It lifts the bike off the floor so you can cycle indoors, similar to an exercise bike. I have been using the trainer to cycle as often as I can each week changing between high and low resistance. Hopefully it will help my legs get used to the idea of climbing hills – which I am reliably informed there are many during the course.

I have also managed to venture outside for a couple of very short rides. The first was to get a feel for the bike on the road and the second was an attempt to go out on a longer ride. Unfortunately on both occasions the wind was up making it very difficult to cycle in a straight line. Now that the weather is starting to warm up I plan to go out more often so I can get used to riding the bike in the great outdoors.

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