Changes to Statutory Sick Pay

    Changes to Statutory Sick Pay

    As of 6 April 2014, it is no longer possible for an employer to reclaim Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) from its national insurance contribution. This is as a result of the Government changing its rules. These previously allowed any amount of SSP that exceeded 13% of the employer’s monthly national insurance contribution to be reclaimed by the employer.

    The reason for the change is to provide employers with a greater incentive to get employees back to work as soon as possible. This is likely to have a considerable effect on how employers manage sickness absence now that they will have to foot the entire bill.

    The rate of SSP has also recently increased to £87.55 per week (from £86.70). However, the first 3 days of sickness absence (known as the ‘waiting days’) will still be paid at zero.

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