When is the right time to divorce?

    When is the right time to divorce?

    If you are considering getting divorced, you are likely to have many questions about the process. One of the key questions asked is ‘when is best to get started?’.

    A recent study by the University of Washington has shown that the two most common months of the year for divorce are March and August. Whilst these are linked to the end of winter and the end of summer respectively, it is also suggested that these ‘end of season’ months are widely thought of as being the least bad times to begin the process of formally ending a marriage.

    If there are children involved, filing for divorce in March, once the Christmas period is well and truly over, or otherwise in August, when the summer holidays are finished, may not be the worst course of action. If divorce is inevitable, being sensitive as to timings can be key to keeping things as amicable as possible between spouses.

    Divorce is a very personal undertaking and something we appreciate is not entered lightly. At Porter Dodson we offer expert legal advice and guidance to ensure that your divorce is handled sensitively and efficiently.

    Our specialist lawyers can help with all aspects of relationship breakdown, including disputes in relation to finances and children. For more information, please contact our Family team who would be happy to advise you.

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