Support for local animal sanctuary during pandemic

    Support for local animal sanctuary during pandemic

    We are very proud of our Charity of the Year programme and the support it receives from our staff. With 8 offices across Somerset and Dorset, we are very aware that across both counties there are people struggling to make ends meet. Whether it is individuals laid off or furloughed due to the pandemic, or charities with less resources trying to help everyone, we know that every little helps.

    With that in mind, we are delighted that staff in our Yeovil office have raised £1,320 for Ferne Animal Sanctuary. £820 has been raised through Dress Down Fridays and a Tuck Shop, both of which have been widely supported even through lockdown, with a top up of £500 from the partners.

    Richard Baker, CSR Partner, said: “Being able to work with staff to identify charities that they want to support is very rewarding. Our Yeovil staff have been particularly supportive of Ferne, contributing to dress down days even when working from home and taking advantage of the Tuck Shop to save unnecessary visits to shops during lockdown.”

    Rob Fox, Managing Partner and Head of the Yeovil Office, added “Everyone in our Yeovil offices has had a part to play in raising this money and our office Charity Champion, Ben Jenner-Hurford, has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure Tuck Shops in both our Yeovil offices are well stocked. We appreciate that it has been a tough year for animal charities, having to close their doors to the general public, so the partners are delighted to be able to top up the funds raised by staff.”

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