World Mental Health Day – 10th October 2018

    World Mental Health Day – 10th October 2018

    The World Mental Health Organisation has designated 10th October each year as a day to raise awareness for mental health and for people/businesses in the industry to talk about the work they do. There is a focus on what else needs to be done to raise mental health awareness. This year the theme (set by The World Federation of Mental Health) is ‘young people and mental health in a changing world’.

    Mental health problems can arise at any time in a person’s life. However, during times of difficulty in your personal life, existing issues can be exacerbated or commence. Relationship breakdown can be a major cause of emotional difficulties.

    If you are considering ending your marriage (or relationship), have financial issues that need to be resolved or have a family problem involving children then our specialist legal advisors can give you advice and help guide you through any legal processes that you may require.

    We are not qualified counsellors but we are approachable, empathetic and supportive. We have many years of experience in assisting clients through traumatic and complex situations. Our family team has qualified collaborative solicitors that are trained in amicable discussions and negotiations. This process is designed to assist families in resolving any disputes without needing to go to court and all its attendant pressures.

    We can also work with other professionals, including counsellors and family consultants. This can be a bespoke service that is tailored to your circumstances. For example, if you have a teenager who is struggling with the breakdown of their parents’ marriage, then a family consultant can provide advice on how to help that child and counselling could be arranged for that child (and the parents as well).

    Alternatively, your circumstances may require court proceedings. We will help you decide which is the best process is for you and your family.

    Mental health awareness is important. Porter Dodson’s Family team are compassionate and kind. Please contact us for a free initial consultation and we can start to help you address any concerns and worries you may have.

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