Always use professionals when choosing a Power of Attorney

    Always use professionals when choosing a Power of Attorney

    Elderly Theft: Robbing the Relatives, which was broadcast on ITV1 on Thursday 30th November, certainly sets out in no uncertain terms the devastating effects when a friend or relative who has been appointed under a Power of Attorney exploits a vulnerable person for their own financial gain.

    Lasting Powers of Attorney are still very important documents to put in place. They can be invaluable in order to make sure the people you trust have the ability to ensure both your financial and health care needs are met should you no longer be in a position to make these decisions for yourself.

    Emphasis should instead be placed on ensuring you appoint the right Attorney. This decision should not be taken lightly as you are potentially handing over great power and responsibility to your Attorneys.

    Consideration should be given to appointing a professional Attorney (a Solicitor, Accountant, Financial Adviser etc.). This would afford greater reassurance as the professional Attorney is duty bound to ensure any decision made on your behalf, be it of a financial or welfare nature, is made in your best interests.

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