Support a charity in your Will

    Support a charity in your Will

    With three-quarters of the UK population supporting charities over their lifetime, it’s easy to remember that there is a big difference between ‘supporting’ and supporting. Whilst many of us are great supporters of the charitable sector, the opportunity to actually donate, contribute or commit is often less easy, as the 6% who leave a charitable legacy in their Will demonstrate. *

    With The Times recently reporting on Remember a Charity’s survey that 22 per cent of people are worried about the Inheritance Tax their relatives will be liable to pay, Sharon Collier’s recent article shows how you can help a charity whilst also helping yourself and your family at the same time. This has been made even easier with the arrival of not one but three Charitable Schemes Porter Dodson is involved with at selected offices: Bibic’s Free Will Check, St Margaret’s Make a Will Week and Diverse Abilities Will’s Fortnight.

    I always think it is important to remember, if you leave a legacy of £5,000 in your Will to a worthy charity you don’t pay a thing!  You are giving away a small fraction of what the beneficiaries in your Will would have received, and potentially some of the money destined for the Chancellor of the Exchequer. If that isn’t worthwhile then I don’t know what is?

    * Source: Remember A Charity

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