Time for an update

    Time for an update

    Training seems to be going well to date. We have managed two big training rides, both around 80 miles, and team morale seems good. Time is ticking away and it’s hard to imagine how we are going to do 120 miles but everyone is determined and I know we can do it.

    Mountain biking Antur Stiniog trailsAside from the group rides I was in Snowdonia last weekend. It was essentially a mountain bike holiday for my son, Tim. While he hit the Antur Stiniog trails I headed off for the hills of Snowdonia and managed a 48 mile loop while he was bouncing off the edge of jumps. My ride was definitely safer!

    This weekend was a 50 mile loop to visit mother for breakfast in Burnham on Sea. She kept insisting I could stay longer if she gave me a lift back. I did try to tell her that was not the point but not sure it sunk in...

    Our last big training ride is set for the middle of August so I will get back to you then. In the meantime, Dave from Synergie Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy has sorted out my bike so I hope I am now set. It is amazing how different it feels with a few adjustments and hopefully this will now mean I have a better chance of making it to the end!Breakfast with Mother

    Finally, thank you to everyone who has donated so far and I hope we can encourage many more. A really worthwhile cause so let’s dig deep everyone!



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