Too much social media usage on holiday could ruin your relationship

    Too much social media usage on holiday could ruin your relationship

    A recent report* highlighted that too much time spent checking social media whilst on holiday could result in arguments and even complete relationship breakdowns for couples this summer.

    Many of us are avid users of social media and probably all have experience of telling our partners to ‘get off the phone’.

    But when does it become too much?

    The survey revealed that whilst many expected their partner to take work calls or emails whilst on holiday, their biggest frustration came from their often constant use of social media.

    Over 60% said they checked social media/emails at least every day whilst on holiday, a quarter said that their partner checked emails or social media several times a day, with a further 2.6% stating ‘10x + a day’ and 6.8% saying ‘all the time’.

    Over a quarter of participants also said they felt frustrated or angry that their partner wasn’t engaged, or seemed ‘distracted’ from the family whilst on holiday.

    Holiday periods can put extra pressure on relationships and the excessive use of social media may only add to it.

    It is estimated that the average internet user is now on social media and messaging services for over two hours per day. The issue of being ‘physically present’, but ‘emotionally distant’ is a growing problem for couples.

    We are seeing a rise in the excessive use of social media being included as one of the particulars for unreasonable behaviour – one of the five facts a party can rely on to prove the marriage has irretrievably broken down and thereby obtain a divorce.

    Do you need to speak to a member of our Family team about the breakdown of your relationship, be it through social media or something else? Please contact us and we would be happy to advise you.

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