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    If your business is under threat, can you afford not to have some of the UK’s best commercial lawyers on your side?

    Director, Shareholder and Partnership disputes

    We can assist with everything from commercial shareholder disputes to resolving differences between joint venture partners, to negotiating the exit of directors and partners and dissolving partnerships. 

    We provide strategic advice to clients handling difficult issues that often arise in such

    Shareholder disputes and disputes within partnerships can be particularly unsettling. They can involve severing longstanding relationships with close colleagues, joint venture business partners or even family members. Such disputes, if not properly handled, can undermine the very core of a business, damage profitability and generate negative publicity.

    Our lawyers will take time to understand the unique aspects of your case, the personalities involved, and to explore the most suitable solutions for you.

    Many conflicts, if addressed appropriately in their early stages, can be diffused swiftly and painlessly. However, if a dispute does end up in court, our early involvement can help you to establish a strong position. We have substantial experience in handling complex shareholder and partnership disputes for a wide range of clients, from multinational corporations to family businesses and professional services firms.

    We act for majority and minority shareholders, directors, partners and companies in a variety of proceedings including:

    • minority shareholder claims
    • breach of fiduciary duties and other improper conduct by directors/partners
    • breach of partnership and shareholder agreements
    • derivative actions made by the company on the instigation of shareholders
    • petitions to wind up a company on the grounds of unfair prejudice
    • enforcing statutory rights of inspection of company documents by directors and shareholders

    Our lawyers are also experienced in advising on shareholding and partnership issues connected with insolvency proceedings and the appointment of administrators or liquidators. Our lawyers frequently handle urgent applications relating to these matters.

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