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    Employment tribunal claims

    Our Employment law and HR team have the expertise and experience to provide the advice and support you require in the face of any Employment Tribunal claim, no matter how complex.

    We understand that running a business can be difficult and that the last thing you require is the inconvenience and aggravation of having to deal with an Employment Tribunal claim from an existing or former employee.

    Thankfully, our Employment law and HR team can support you through every part of the Employment Tribunal process, providing clear and pragmatic advice as to the strength of your defence and strategies to strengthen your position. We can assist in preparing the Tribunal pleadings, documentation, preparing the matter for trial, and representing you at the hearing itself.

    We have a proven track record of success representing employers at Tribunal but if circumstances call for it, we are able to negotiate favourable settlements.

    Ask about our various Funding Options.

    Don’t have an Employment Tribunal claim but worried about the risk? Speak to us about our EASE product which is designed to provide on-going compliance advice and comes with insurance to cover the costs of defending a claim.

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