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    Rural diversification

    Broadening a business beyond its traditional farming base is increasingly common. You might be motivated by identifying an alternative income source or an opportunity to use your existing resources more effectively. Alternatively, your new venture may be intended to complement the skills of other family members. Whatever your motivation, we can provide you with the legal advice and assistance necessary to ensure your core business is protected and your new investment complies with its legal obligations.

    It is now increasingly common for farmers to expand their business beyond their traditional operations to include:

    Whatever enterprise you wish to incorporate, along the way you will need to consider:

    • How to finance the initial investment.
    • What marketing is required to move forward?
    • The legal requirements to establish the new enterprise.
    • Are there any protections that may be required for the core farming business?

    A risk assessment of the new venture is essential. Our experience of such planning will allow us to advise you as to the correct business vehicle for the new enterprise, at the centre of which will be the protection of your core farming business.

    Any new venture affords an opportunity to consider and factor in any possible succession opportunities, which with non-farming children can often be attractive.


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