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    Making a commercial dispute claim

    It is a fact of life that every business encounters commercial disputes from time to time. Our Commercial Dispute Resolution team consists of experienced legal advisors who will advise you as to your options when it comes to making a claim.

    Our Commercial Dispute Resolution team advise businesses in a wide range of disputes including:

    • Breach of contract, such as debt recovery or breach of warranty matters;
    • Disputes between directors, shareholders, or partners within a business;
    • Disputes relating to goods and services, retention of title, recovery of goods, or defective products;
    • Professional negligence claims against builders, manufacturers, consultants, suppliers, surveyors or solicitors.

    If your business encounters a dispute with a third party, or even from within, we are ideally placed to advise as to your position, and the merits of making a claim. Equally, we appreciate that commercial disputes are expensive and time consuming for business, and issuing a claim may not be commercially worthwhile. In either event, we aim to provide frank, down-to-earth, and commercially focused legal advice to you and your business.

    Breach of contract disputes

    A breach of contract dispute can range between anything from recovery of an unpaid debt to complex disputes over performance of an agreement between you and another business.

    We are able to advise on each party’s obligations, whether a breach has occurred, and what remedy/solution the law provides you.

    Internal business disputes

    Occasionally, a dispute may arise within a business where parties disagree or feel wronged by the other. In conjunction with our corporate and commercial team, we can advise on the position of your business, whether there are grounds for a claim against a director under the Companies Act or similar, and the finances of the claim. Where issuing a claim may not be in your businesses best interests, we are always keen to advise an alternative method of resolving the dispute and allowing your business to move on swiftly.

    Professional negligence

    As well as relying on employees and directors to play their part in helping your business succeed, you will undoubtedly use the services of third party professionals from time to time. These may be builders, surveyors, or architects, helping you into new premises. You may be relying upon accountants or consultants to help broker your latest deal, or manufacturers and suppliers involved in getting your products to your customers.

    Occasionally, these relationships can go wrong and you may question whether these third parties have acted negligently in the work they have carried out for you. We can help you answer that question, advise you on the law of professional negligence, and whether a claim may exist.

    In assisting your business in making a claim, our services include advising on merits of your position, drafting letters of claim, settlement negotiations, drafting particulars of claim and witness statements, court representation/advocacy, drafting interim applications to court and advising on merits, instructing counsel and expert witnesses, and enforcing judgments.


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