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    Commercial Fraud

    We have experience in advising companies and individuals in resolving disputes relating to the misselling of credit and investments where that product has been sold and the claimant was misled, sold an unsuitable product or where they were not made aware of all the risks or the advice given about the product was negligent or misleading.

    We aim to ensure that whatever the nature of the dispute, we can secure the best possible result for you, in the most cost effective way possible. We use the most appropriate strategy based on your individual circumstances and the nature of your opponent, and use litigation, ombudsman services as well as mediation or arbitration to help negotiate on your behalf.

    We try and understand the motivations of your opponent to help us understand and use the appropriate tactics to your best advantage; however whatever the challenge we will robustly fight your claim on your behalf.

    Funding options

    We can offer various ways of funding our fees including fixed fees or contingency arrangements (‘no recovery, no fee’) for certain services. In cases where we believe there is sufficient prospect of success, we can also act under conditional fee agreements (CFA) if litigation proves necessary. In most cases, we will review your case initially for a fixed fee to assess the merits of your case before offering alternative funding.

    We can also advise and access third-party funding and after-the-event (ATE) insurance options on good terms, depending on your case.

    We have experience in the following:

    • Mis-selling of investment products or loans and financial products
    • Disputes between trustees and investors
    • Disputes relating to the mismanagement of pensions or investments
    • Advising on complaints made to a regulator such as the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), Pensions Ombudsman or Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
    • Professional negligence claims against accountants or independent financial advisors
    • Advising on civil fraud cases against fraudulent investment schemes
    • Advising on push payment fraud, and recovering consequential debts
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