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    Selling commercial property

    If you’re selling commercial property, we can provide the legal advice and support necessary to make your sale as efficient as possible. We act for businesses of all sizes, from the sole trader looking to move to larger premises to large companies or partnerships looking to dispose of their property portfolio.

    We will work with you and your accountants to understand your particular needs and to ensure that any commercial property sale is structured in the most tax efficient way.

    We will prepare the contract for sale and help you to complete the replies to the commercial enquiries that are likely to be raised by the buyer’s legal advisors.

    We will contact your lender in order to understand their requirements for the release of the property to be sold from any charge that the lender may have over it.

    We will discuss with you and your selling agents whether it would be appropriate to put in place documentation to allow you as seller to benefit from any future enhanced value of the property as a result of a buyer carrying out further development of the land you are selling.

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