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    Whether buying, selling, renting or developing commercial property on any scale, you can trust us to deliver the best deal.

    Developing commercial property

    Whether it is a single local plot or a large-scale commercial property development, our team will work closely with you. We will offer experienced, commercial and practical legal advice on each stage of the process to ensure a successful development from site acquisition through the development itself to final disposal.

    We aim to work with you throughout your commercial property development to achieve your ambitions. We will identify the key initial objective of any commercial property developer to acquire a site that has no title issues preventing development. We are able to give specialist legal advice in relation to registered and unregistered titles and site assembly work generally, as well as helping with the negotiation of acquisition contracts, whether by way of a straight forward outright purchase, or where conditional upon planning an option or conditional contract, with or without overage or claw back.

    Having acquired the site, our commercial property solicitors can advise on planning agreements, infrastructure arrangements as well as with golden brick and development agreements. At the other end of the development process we can advise on site disposal, whether in whole or in part or by way of individual plots or units; by freehold sale or the granting of leases.

    Of course, commercial property developers do not always acquire the sites that they develop; we can deal with those situations too, advising on joint ventures and alternative structures.

    As and when necessary, we can call upon other specialist lawyers from other teams to give assistance with tax, environmental and renewable issues, corporate, commercial and dispute resolution.


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