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    Defending a commercial dispute claim

    Not only do businesses occasionally find themselves having to make a commercial dispute claim, they also find themselves having to defend a commercial dispute claim. If a claim is made against your business, whether rightly or wrongly, it is imperative that you seek legal advice as soon as possible. Delay may lead to a judgment being entered against your business and enforcement action being commenced. Our Commercial Dispute Resolution team will provide you with the best possible advice to help you avoid this happening. 

    If a claim is issued against your business, or you receive a letter before claim, it is important that you obtain appropriate advice as soon as possible. Porter Dodson’s Commercial Dispute Resolution team are experienced in advising businesses, large and small, as to their options when a claim is made.

    The nature of the claim will depend entirely upon the circumstances between your business and the potential claimant. The claimant may feel you have supplied defective products or services, it may be pursuing you for an allegedly unpaid debt, or possibly the claimant may be a disgruntled employee or director.  Whatever the circumstances, we pride ourselves on providing you with frank, commercially-minded advice, and help you decide how best to defend the claim.

    In addition to advising your business as to whether to defend a claim and, if so, how best to do so, we will also advise as to your options in settling the dispute. Defending a claim can be expensive regardless of the issues involved, and the courts encourage all parties to seek to resolve their differences before a claim reaches trial. As such, we are able to discuss your business’s likely financial exposure as your defence progresses, so that you can make a commercial decision as to whether it is better to defend the claim or seek to settle the claim.

    Whatever the nature of the claim, the prospects of your defence or the merits of settlement, our Commercial Dispute Resolution team will guide you through the process. Our lawyers work closely with their colleagues in the Employment and Commercial Property teams to ensure that the interests of your business are cared for throughout the process of your defence and after the matter is concluded.

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