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    Whether buying, selling, renting or developing commercial property on any scale, you can trust us to deliver the best deal.

    Commercial property auctions

    We will work closely with your estate agents to prepare the necessary paperwork to ensure that the property is ready to be put forward for sale at auction.

    We will prepare the special conditions of sale that will form the basis of the contract between the seller and the buyer when the hammer falls at the commercial property auction. We will prepare an auction pack to include the special conditions, along with the necessary searches, replies to enquiries, planning documentation and draft transfer deed.

    The auction pack will be uploaded to our website where potential purchasers are able to download it at their convenience.

    We will then attend the auction on your behalf in order to answer any last-minute enquiries that may be raised by a potential buyer at the auction itself. We will then deal with the necessary legal formalities to complete the transfer of the property to the buyer.

    If you require the password to download an auction pack please email to request the details.

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