Rural Business, Land & Agriculture

Helping growers, producers and landowners to thrive

We’re all about ensuring our farmers and rural businesses benefit from the best advice and support possible.

Rural businesses require advice within the areas of employment law and property law, as well as those normally associated with commerce. In addition they can have the complications of wider family involvement. These can require particular business structures and succession considerations for the longer term. As our offices are within traditional rural areas, our partners and staff have established relationships over the years with the local farming community and we look to bring this experience to new clients.

Farming increasingly takes many guises and requires an ever widening set of skills. There have always been the husbandry and practical skills required, although taking significant capital assets and improving the income has led to new skill sets being added to the diversified farmer.

At Porter Dodson we have grown our expertise along with our rural clients and will look to share with you our experience of such diversification and the legal requirements of various new enterprises.

These might take the form of implementing the renewables that have been so attractive recently. You will benefit from the support that we can offer in looking towards your next generation within the family business and how you might structure your business.

Within the food sector there are increasing regulations that apply. We provide advice on protecting your land which for many will be your major asset.