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    Property disputes can be incredibly stressful. We’re here to support you. Talk to our residential property dispute solicitors.

    Residential property dispute solicitors

    If you are dealing with a residential property dispute, we are here for you.

    When a property dispute arises, you need practical advice. Our experienced lawyers will ensure that you are properly advised on your options to help you achieve your desired outcome.


    How can we help?

    Our Residential Property Disputes Team advises agricultural landowners, private owners, and landlords and tenants on all aspects of property disputes, including:

    Residential landlord and tenant disputes

    You may be in a dispute with your landlord. There may be rent disputes or other breaches of lease. It may be that you require your tenant to leave.

    Whether you are a landlord or tenant, we can help you with your property issue.

    Property boundary disputes

    Your neighbour may be questioning the position of the boundary with your property or they may have encroached upon your land. It might be that you may wish to stop your neighbour removing trees and hedges from within the boundary.

    Boundary disputes can be emotive, time-consuming and expensive. You should try to resolve these issues at an early stage, with professional advice and assistance.

    Neighbour disputes

    It may be that your neighbour is causing you noise nuisance. Your land may have been contaminated from the neighbouring property. Maybe your neighbour is in breach of covenants regarding the use of their land.

    Whatever your neighbour issues, they can often be very challenging and drawn out. We can help you find a solution in a non-confrontational way.

    Rights of way disputes

    You may need access to a right of way to maintain your property or there may be a dispute about the existence of a right of way.

    Rights of way disputes can be complicated to understand but we can help you resolve them quickly, and potentially avoid litigation.

    Leasehold enfranchisement

    You may be a tenant under a long lease and wish to extend the term. It might be that you wish to set up a management company and purchase the freehold of your house or the block of flats.

    Whatever the circumstance, this is a complex area of the law and obtaining legal advice will help prevent issues later down the line.

    Restrictive covenant breaches

    Not dealing with restrictive covenants correctly can have significant detrimental consequences. Whether your property is subject to a covenant restricting what you can do on the land or your neighbour is in breach of a restrictive covenant, it is important to obtain legal advice.

    Adverse possession claims

    Disputes around adverse possession, also known as ‘squatter’s rights’, are very common and can be problematic. It could be that you have been using land outside your ownership and have now acquired ‘squatters rights’. Or you may be facing a claim for adverse possession of your land by a third party.

    Whether you want to claim ownership or defend an adverse possession claim, we can provide you with expert advice to help protect your rights.

    Farming partnership disputes

    There may be a disagreement as to the meaning and effect of the farming partnership agreement. You may be a partner who wishes to resign or bring the partnership to an end. Or you may be in dispute with your former partners following the dissolution of the farming partnership.

    Farming partnership disputes can be complex and expert legal advice is needed so you understand what options are available to you.

    Property ownership disputes

    Disputes or misunderstandings between co-owners can be caused by disagreements as to how the property is owned, whether property should be sold or when a property may be sold. It may be that you wish to bring a Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 (TOLATA) claim.

    Whatever your dispute over property ownership, it is important to obtain professional legal advice to reach an agreement that works for both parties.

    Why choose our residential property dispute solicitors?


    We pride ourselves on providing clear legal advice focused on the issues you want to resolve.


    We are transparent in our costs and will give you a bespoke cost estimate at the start and keep you updated as the case proceeds.


    We have extensive experience in advising on a wide range of property disputes that may be affecting you and your family and will aim to resolve these via alternative dispute resolution (ADR), where appropriate.

    We are here for you

    Our expert residential property litigation solicitors will provide you with clear and practical advice. Contact us to chat with one of our lawyers.

    We have property dispute lawyers across Dorset, Devon and Somerset. Our offices are based in Bridport, Exeter, Poundbury, Sherborne, Taunton, Wellington and Yeovil. However, we can help you no matter your location in England, carrying out your work by post, phone or email.

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