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    Whether you’re buying or selling a home or both, our expertise extends beyond the legal to making your move as smooth as possible.

    Buying or selling land

    Our experienced land law solicitors can provide you with the advice and support necessary to protect your interests and secure your investment, whether you are selling land as part of your garden or buying land for development.

    We can act for you on the sale and purchase of bare land in relation to:

    • Farm land
    • Development land
    • Amenity land for your existing property
    • Investment land or Woodland (for pensions)

    We are recognised for our comprehensive approach to handling your sales and purchases of land. In either situation, we will first need to understand the nature of the land and the reasons for the transaction to enable us to give you the best possible advice.

    If you are selling, it may be appropriate for us to discuss reservation of rights and/or imposition of new obligations and restrictions if you own other land adjoining or in close proximity, as well as overage/uplift provisions if the land has development potential. In the case of land with unregistered title, we can advise upon and assist with voluntary registration if this will facilitate a sale.

    If you are buying, we will undertake the relevant searches and raise appropriate enquiries, depending upon the purpose for which you are acquiring the land, as well as carrying out a comprehensive investigation of the title and considering what new rights may be required e.g. for access and services.

    We can act for and liaise with your bank or other financial institution where they are providing finance for a land purchase, and where appropriate, liaise with other relevant professionals such as Accountants and Surveyors. We can also act for you if you are putting land into your SIPP or for the pension provider if they are purchasing on your behalf.

    Where appropriate, we will work with you and your agents to achieve the transfer of agricultural entitlements.



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