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    Court of protection

    The Court of Protection is the judicial body responsible for assisting people with dementia, or in the aftermath of accidents or injury, so that they cannot be exploited or denied what is rightfully theirs. The Court of Protection also regulates those people approved to look after others financial affairs – these people are known as a Deputy.

    Our Court of Protection solicitors advise and assist with a range of circumstances which affect those under the Court of Protection’s jurisdiction.

    We have a strong reputation in dealing with the full range of Court of Protection services including deputyship services, gifts, and Lasting Powers of Attorney. Our Court of Protection services include:

    • Acting as a professional Deputy to administer the property and financial affairs of the person who lacks mental capacity.
    • Assisting with applications to the Court of Protection for you as a relative or friend of the person who lacks mental capacity, to be appointed as a Deputy.
    • Supporting lay Deputies. Once appointed, we will guide you through the decision making process by advising on the legal requirements of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the Code of Practice.
    • Advising and assisting clients with applications to the Court of Protection for Statutory Wills, gifts, and the Appointment of Trustees.

    Deputyship applications

    A Deputyship application is relevant to those who have unfortunately lost the mental capacity to draw up a Lasting Power of Attorney, and require a Deputy to be appointed to deal with their affairs.

    Disabled clients

    We have particular experience in dealing with severely disabled clients, including those with brain injuries.

    Elderly clients

    We carefully and expertly manage the affairs of many elderly clients who suffer from dementia.

    Lay deputy

    If you are a lay Deputy and require regular and ongoing assistance then we can manage this for you.

    Professional deputy

    If you have no one to deal with your affairs and require a professional Deputy, then we can take this on for you.


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