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    Court of protection

    The Court of Protection is the judicial body responsible for assisting people who lack sufficient capacity to manage their own affairs so that they cannot be exploited or denied their rights. It is responsible for approving the appointment of individuals to act on their behalf, known as Deputies, and to monitor their conduct and, in some cases, approve specific decisions.  

    Our Court of Protection advisors can assist with a range of circumstances which affect those under the Court of Protection’s jurisdiction. You may be looking after a friend or relative who has a brain injury, learning difficulties or be suffering from the after effects of a stroke or Dementia. We have a strong reputation in dealing with the full range of Court of Protection services including:

    • Making an application to the Court to be appointed as a Deputy to manage an individual’s financial affairs
    • Making an application to the Court to be appointed as a Welfare Deputy
    • Acting as professional Deputies where there is no appropriate friend or family member to take on that role
    • Assisting with applications to the Court for specific decisions such as the retirement of an incapacitated Trustee, putting in place a Statutory Will, making gifts from the individual’s assets, entering into a mortgage or other loan arrangement
    • Supporting lay Deputies with their general duties in line with the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the Code of Practice
    • Assisting with the annual report that is required by the Court.


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