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    We understand the complexities of care provision and can offer the advice and assistance you need to secure the best possible outcomes.

    Challenging incorrect decisions

    When you or a loved one requires care the issue of whether this should be self-funded or not can be complex. What’s more, the process of proving eligibility for assistance can be awkward.

    For example, if you or a relative has nursing needs when they are discharged from hospital, or if they are in residential care and their needs change, an initial Checklist assessment will need to be undertaken to see if they have a primary health need and are eligible for financial assistance.

    We can provide expert help with this process as well as the subsequent stages of the application. If you or a relative is judged to be ineligible for Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Funding or Local Authority assistance we can provide legal representation and challenge the decision on your behalf.

    Our professional team has been successful in numerous challenges regarding CHC Funding, Local Authority assistance and Property Disregards. This can be hugely beneficial to you – for instance, a successful appeal of a CHC Funding judgement can see all nursing care fees not only refunded but paid for by the NHS.

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    For legal advice on challenging incorrect decisions

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