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    Power of attorney

    If you worry about who will manage your affairs or make decisions about your assets should you become unable to do this yourself, you may find peace of mind by appointing a Lasting Power of Attorney.

    A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a formal document that allows an individual(s) to act on your behalf, be that in respect of your welfare or your finances.

    Should you ever become unwell or unable to make important decisions, without powers of attorney in place, your loved ones could face a lengthy and expensive application to the Court of Protection to obtain the necessary authority to make decisions on your behalf.

    Types of power of attorney

    There are two types of LPAs:

    • one to deal with Property and Affairs, and
    • one to deal with Personal Welfare.

    The Property and Affairs LPA allows your Attorney(s) to act in respect of your finances. This includes dealings with your banks, pensions, utility companies and if necessary to sell your property. The Property and Affairs LPA can be used either when you need assistance from your Attorney(s) or if you should become mentally incapable of managing your affairs.

    The Health and Welfare LPA can only be used when you have become mentally incapable of making a decision. This allows your Attorney(s) to make decisions with regard to your care and wellbeing and in some circumstances to make decisions with regard to life-supporting treatment.

    Before the LPAs can be used they must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian.

    An ideal time to consider preparing LPAs is when you review your Will. This allows you to make the choice as to who you would wish to have as your Attorney(s) as opposed to an individual appointed by the Courts.

    Why choose Porter Dodson?

    We offer a wealth of experience in preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney and their registration with the Office of the Public Guardian. Our power of attorney lawyers will review your circumstances to ensure that the Lasting Powers of Attorney prepared meet your requirements.


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