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    Collaborative Family Law

    If you are considering a separation or divorce but are worried about the impact the process could have on your children, the financial costs that could be incurred, or indeed the possibility of a Court making fundamental decisions about your family’s future over which you have no control, we can help. Our specialist family lawyers offer alternatives to litigation, specifically collaborative law. We seek to avoid the involvement of the Court wherever possible, so as to minimise the distress and expense caused to you and your family.

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    We want to make your relationship breakdown as painless as it can be. Our experienced family team includes trained collaborative lawyers who are committed to helping you and your partner resolve issues by agreement.

    Collaborative law is an alternative to resolving disputes through the Courts, which means that we work with you and your former partner to find solutions that will benefit your whole family. This process allows you to resolve disputes in a non-confrontational way, without acrimony, safe in the knowledge that you have behaved with dignity and respect. It can avoid the need for expensive, distressing and protracted legal proceedings and ensures minimum disruption to your children’s lives.

    You and your former partner will each have a collaboratively trained lawyer to help resolve issues and identify tailor-made solutions through a series of ‘4 way’ (you, your partner and your respective lawyers) meetings. Other professionals, such as Accountants, Counsellors, Coaches and Financial Advisers, can also be involved.

    Collaborative law eases the pain of family breakdown, helping separating couples (whether married or not) to communicate better and reach solutions to any issue in a mutually acceptable way.


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