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    Changing a will

    Significant life events may mean you need to revisit an existing Will. If you recently became a grandparent or have a new partner, you may wish to update your Will to provide for additional beneficiaries. You may also have retired or sold your business.

    In addition, if your Will was drafted some time ago, you may need to review it in case laws, practices or taxes have changed over time. 

    Our experienced solicitors can provide the advice and assistance you require to review and, if necessary, change your Will, to protect your wishes and the interests of your loved ones.

    We can meet with you in person or assist you remotely by video call, corresponding by telephone, email or post. Our Private Client Team is here for you and your family, ready for you to contact us.

    There are many reasons for reviewing or updating a Will and significant life events provide a good opportunity to review yours generally. In the absence of such changes we recommend doing this on a three to five yearly basis.

    By more specific example, many people are not aware that by getting married your Will is automatically revoked. There can also be subtle changes which impact the appropriateness of your executor appointments or the legacies you have included. The circumstances of a beneficiary may have changed or your wishes as to who you want to benefit from your Will may otherwise suggest an update is due.

    We will provide you specific advice regarding the appropriateness of the structure  of your Will include any opportunities for Will planning. In some circumstances Will trusts can provide flexibility, tax efficiency and protection which may achieve your objectives.

    The most important considerations in respect of your existing Will include:

    • Have any law or tax rules changed since you put the Will in place, which now impact the Will?
    • Are your executors still the most appropriate persons to appoint?
    • Do you need to alter/remove/add any specific bequests?
    • Are any trusts in your Will still necessary or do some need to be incorporated?
    • Are your beneficiaries, for example your children, now grown up with children of their own for whom you would now like to make provision?
    • Do any proposed changes to my Will affect the tax position?

    We will take your instructions as to what amendments you wish to make to your Will and advise you as to how best to legally incorporate these.


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