Making a will

Some people put off preparing a Will because they feel the time isn’t right, they’re too young or they’re uncertain about costs. However, making a Will can provide you and your family real security and peace of mind, allowing you to plan for the future safe in the knowledge that your loved ones are provided for should the unthinkable happen. Whatever your circumstances, we can provide you individually tailored legal advice and support for this very sensitive issue.

Our specialist probate solicitors can provide you individual tailored advice and assistance in making your will. The important points to consider in how to make a will are:

We will work with you to discuss the important considerations when making a will. We will take detailed information regarding your family and financial situation to establish the potential issues to consider.

We will advise you on the importance of the role of your executors and who is able to be appointed in this capacity. We will also advise of the implications of gifts within a will.

We then consider how you wish to leave the rest of your estate. It is always important to remember whether any trusts would be appropriate. There are many trusts available: bare trusts, life interest trusts and discretionary trusts and each is appropriate in different circumstances. We can advise on incorporating these within your wills as appropriate.

We will also advise on the tax implications of your will, when this is payable and how to prepare for this eventuality. Lifetime gifts are also an important consideration in this respect.