Prenuptial agreements

We understand that when planning your wedding or civil partnership, nothing will be further from your mind than relationship breakdown. However, you and your partner may find that a prenuptial agreement strengthens your relationship, offering extra security and peace of mind as you plan your life together. Our family law practice can provide the advice necessary to help you draft a prenuptial agreement that best fits your relationship and protects your future.

If you or your partner have experienced a difficult separation in the past, if you need to protect business assets or if you wish to secure assets for your children, it may be sensible to enter into a premarital agreement.

A prenuptial agreement represents a form of insurance in the event that your relationship breaks down and can guard against expensive and protracted legal battles to determine what you and your partner will walk away with.

We can provide clear, constructive and sensitive premarital advice individually tailored to your circumstances to help you decide whether or not a premarital agreement is right for you. Our experienced family law team can also advise you on what to include and the measures you should take to ensure that, if the unforeseen occurs, your agreement stands the greatest chance of being upheld in a court of law.