Funding care

It’s all about helping you make the right decisions

We understand the complexities of care provision and can offer the advice and assistance you need to secure the best possible outcomes.

As you and your loved ones grow older it is likely that some kind of care will be required, either at home or in a residential or nursing environment. Whatever the arrangements, these must be funded either privately, by the state, or through a combination of the two.

Naturally, you will want the best possible care, but you will also want to preserve the family’s assets by claiming whatever financial assistance you or they qualify for. Accomplishing this is not easy, and often made harder by the fact you may have to act swiftly – an unexpected spell in hospital may precipitate the need for rapid decisions.

We can give you expert advice that takes the stress out of the situation and achieves the best possible outcome. This includes assessing eligibility for Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Funding, assisting with the process of applying for means-tested Local Authority funding, as well as advising on the best ways to approach self-funding and asset preservation.

Whatever the circumstances, we can provide the support you require, whether that is simply discussing the likelihood of getting financial assistance, guiding you through whatever process is appropriate or challenging incorrect decisions, either retrospectively or ongoing.