Use of stored sperm, eggs, embryos and fertility treatment

Going through fertility treatment is always emotionally challenging but sometimes the process can be made harder by restrictions in the law and clinic protocol. We are here to advise you on how the law applies to your situation and what your options are.

Conceiving with stored eggs, sperm or embryos

Having treatment with stored eggs, sperm or embryos can raise complexities, particularly if there are questions over consent to usage or storage periods.  We can provide guidance on how the law works, including issues surrounding posthumous use and storage expiration and offer assistance to challenge clinic decisions.

Plants in eggsTreatment provision

If you believe you have been refused fertility treatment on discriminatory grounds (whether by the NHS or privately) we can help to set out the applicable law and support your appeal for treatment, if appropriate.

Our services – specialist advice at any stage (from pre-gamete collection/embryo creation to post-clinic decision), help with disputes and negative clinic/PCT responses, specialist Wills