Judge says divorce battles are “like a boxing match”

    Judge says divorce battles are “like a boxing match”

    Mr Justice Holman has urged a couple to avoid the “painful destructive experience” of having to give evidence against each other in open Court, saying it filled him with “gloom” to see them fighting when they should be sitting round a table negotiating a fair settlement.

    There are assets worth around £6 million and the couple have already spent £1 million in legal costs and face further legal costs for a ten day hearing. Mr Justice Holman asked Mrs Fields whether she had experienced litigation before and she confirmed she had not.

    He said, “It’s awful. Don’t you think it’s awful? It’s like a boxing match. You and Mr Fields were married to each other for 10 years roughly. You have got two children. It really doesn’t have to be like this. It should never have got this far. Think about what each of you have done with a million pounds. Just think.” He indicated that there should be serious discussion between the estranged couple and their legal teams to see if a settlement could be negotiated.

    Most financial remedy cases do not go to a final hearing. Most couples reach a settlement through negotiation without the need to progress to a final hearing. The potential costs should be considered against the value of the assets in dispute.

    If you wish to avoid the costs and “painful destructive experience” of court proceedings, you could consider Mediation or Collaborative Law.

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