National Fertility Awareness Week 2016

    National Fertility Awareness Week 2016

    31 October – 6 November marks the UK’s annual fertility awareness week, which seeks to promote awareness of the 1 in 6 couples who struggle to become parents.

    This year, the organisation Fertility Network UK (FNUK) is hoping to highlight the lesser documented fertility issues that exist in the UK and overturn some of the common misconceptions.

    Among their main focus areas are the fact that women in their 20s and early 30s often struggle to conceive, that IVF fails 75% of the time and that men are just as likely to have fertility issues as women. This information may surprise those who have not yet begun to consider their own fertility or try for a family, which is why FNUK believe it is vital to spread the word about the realities of fertility.

    In addition to those who struggle with infertility, there are also many people who cannot easily conceive for personal reasons, perhaps because they are single or are in a same sex relationship. For these prospective parents, help is similarly required from third parties – whether that be fertility clinics, adoption agencies, egg or sperm donors or surrogate mothers.

    Whatever your situation and reason for needing to turn to alternative family building methods, the options can seem daunting and the associated law even more so. We offer expert and efficient legal advice and guidance, whatever your circumstances, to ensure that you are fully supported from the outset.

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