National fertility awareness week, 2-8 November 2015

    National fertility awareness week, 2-8 November 2015

    This week marks National fertility awareness week, highlighting the one in six couples who suffer with infertility in their quest to have a family.

    For some, this means a struggle to get pregnant at all, for others it is difficulty in conceiving a second child. For many though, the struggle to have a family is not necessarily due to infertility. Sometimes social circumstances mean that those who long to be parents cannot be without outside intervention. This can mean going through alternative methods of family building such as fertility treatment, surrogacy, adoption or conceiving with a donor or friend.

    At Porter Dodson we help both couples and single people to safely navigate the legal aspects associated with creating their families in non-traditional ways. If you are considering having a child through surrogacy, adoption, co-parenting or with donor sperm or eggs you will also need to consider the law and how it applies to you and the family you hope to have. In some situations, the law is designed to automatically protect you as the parents, but in most the law lags behind and there are further measures you will need to take to secure your family unit. Whatever your circumstances we can provide expert advice tailored for you.

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