All I want for Christmas is… a family?

    All I want for Christmas is… a family?

    As the festive season surrounds us, it is an opportune time to step back and reflect not only on the last year but also on our hopes for the future.

    For some, this includes having a family. If, like one-sixth of the population in the UK, you cannot (or struggle to) have a child naturally, you might feel daunted about your options for making this dream a reality.

    It is often hard to know how accurate online information about the accessibility of fertility treatment, surrogacy, adoption, co-parenting and donor conception is and therefore what routes to parenthood are open for you. Ultimately, this could come down to your personal situation, your particular family-building preferences or how long you are willing to wait to become a parent.

    Whatever your circumstances, the law will have an important part to play in your journey – since it will dictate whether you will have the necessary rights and responsibilities in respect of your much-wanted child.

    We help prospective parents to determine the legal position and navigate the associated process, no matter how complex. This is something we are passionate about and believe should be made easier for people having families in non-traditional ways.

    Being informed about the options and having a clear understanding of the procedures and pitfalls is key to ensure that you make the very best decision for you.

    For more information about surrogacy, co-parenting, adoption, donor conception or fertility treatment, contact our specialist consultant solicitor, Nicola Scott.

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