Our newest office is based in Poundbury, a modern urban village on the edge of Dorchester and created on Duchy land. Based on the architectural principles outlined by Prince Charles in his 1989 book, ‘A Vision of Britain’, Poundbury has successfully created a setting for people to live and work on 400 acres.

Poundbury has now grown to accommodate over 3,000 people in homes all based within the context of traditional Dorset architecture, whilst nearly 200 businesses are also based on the site.

Mixing homes and businesses, whilst balancing pedestrian and vehicular traffic, has seen a vibrant community develop. Porter Dodson’s new office aims to provide the services needed by the local community and continues our tradition of working among our clients and professional contacts.

On-site services include commercial and residential property, Wills, tax planning and wider business expertise, supported by the larger Dorchester office and expertise in specialist areas across the firm.