Message to Staff 03/01/21

    Good afternoon,

    I wish you a Happy New Year.

    In the light of the increased Tier allocation for Somerset to Tier 4 we have reviewed what, if anything, we need to do as a business to keep everyone safe while continuing to work through.

    We have been working to Covid Secure protocols for some months and only recently worked through Lockdown2.

    We are of the view that we are able to continue to work within the existing Covid policy and those working in the office may continue to do so.

    If you have any concerns about coming to work in Tier 4 or travelling from Tier 3 to Tier 4 then do please contact your team leader or Head of Department.

    The rules allow travel to work, as before, but clearly we want to make sure that nobody is taking any unnecessary risk.

    You may work from home if you are able to do so effectively and, again, any change in your work regime from that which was in place before Christmas must be agreed with your team leader or HOD.

    If you have any concerns then you can, of course, contact the Covid19 group or HR.

    Thank you for your help and support and we’ll have to see how the guidance evolves.

    Best wishes for 2021.