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    We provide comprehensive legal advice on all aspects of renewable energy including solar farms, wind farms, anaerobic digestion and biomass. We can help communities to pool resources through collective agreements, allowing larger projects to be undertaken than would be achievable by an individual landowner.

    We advise landowners looking to use their land for renewable energy purposes. We take clients through all stages of the legal process, including the negotiation of heads of terms, the contractual documentation to secure the site for the developer or promoter, and depending upon the terms agreed, the granting of a commercial lease. We will work with you to understand your needs.

    We appreciate that utilising your land for renewable energy purposes is likely to necessitate a significant change from traditional agricultural uses. We will advise you on the terms of the contractual documentation that you may be required to enter into. We can work with you in order to ensure that any feed in tariffs (FIT) or renewable heat incentives (RHI) remain with the landowner and are not retained by the developer of the project.

    We will advise you on any estate planning issues that may arise from transactions of this nature, including succession within the family or partnership. It is important at the outset that considered thought is given as to what may happen to the land involved in the future, as the obligations you may be entering into are likely to be long lasting, perhaps in excess of 25 years.


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