Phil Stocker

I have extensive experience of professional services, having spent most of my career in this field. I qualified as a chartered accountant in 1992 and worked in private practice in that role until 2002, moving to the legal sector in 2007. I have worked in the sector almost continuously since then, and in the five years when I was not in professional services, I was a buyer of them, as Finance Director of a printing company. I joined Porter Dodson in June 2012.

My background has given me a good understanding of how professional services should be delivered. I’ve always been passionate about customer service and especially listening to clients to learn how their experience can be improved. This is an important part of my role at Porter Dodson, as is working with our staff to ensure that they are properly equipped to deliver our services effectively, whether by providing training or by improving our procedures and systems.

Constantly refining the way we do things should ensure that we are providing the best possible experience for our clients – the sort of experience I would want myself from a law firm.

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