Jennie Vaughan-Jackson

Jennie Vaughan-Jackson Associate at Porter Dodson Profile Image

I joined the Firm on the 7th December 1995. I am an experienced Property Lawyer and have worked in conveyancing since my first post with a legal firm in 1973 – starting from the bottom and working my way up.

I specialise in all aspects of residential conveyancing and agricultural property – the sale and purchases of houses, flats and farms to a high value level, bare land sales and purchase, both by private treaty and at auction. I draft leases and tenancies as well as dealing with easements, rights and covenants.

I have also assisted clients in acquiring the freehold of their blocks of flats and lease extensions both under the relevant Legislation and by private negotiation. I have past experience in development work for a house builder client with land acquisition, planning agreements and plot sales.

I have a wealth of experience, especially of unregistered land titles.

I was approached by a Trust who had the benefit of a Rent Charge on land but knew only the name of the field and that it was in Sherborne. From the name I narrowed down the likely location and then called contacts at the Sherborne Castle Estate to see if the name meant anything to them. They gave me an Estate Number for the field, which they no longer owned. We have a map from the 1800s in the office which gives the Estate Numbers at that time, and from that I identified the field. A search at the Land Registry confirmed the Land Owner and enabled the Trust to approach the owner to ask if they would buy out the Rent Charge.

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