Dawna Conrad

    Dawna Conrad

    Email: dawna.conrad@porterdodson.co.uk

    Phone: 01935 846826

    Location: Yeovil         Position: Solicitor

    Team: Commercial Property

    Specialism: Buying and selling commercial property

    I studied law and trained with a local law firm. I qualified as a solicitor in 2016 after having first studied business and being awarded young business-person of the year in a national competition sponsored by a UK bank. I specialised in commercial property and have worked closely with businesses of all sizes since.

    I have commercial property experience in working with GP’s healthcare providers and care homes, commercial landlords, transport firms, SME’s, the Diocese, large retail clients and local councils.

    I’m told I think like a business person, so have a real interest in my clients and their businesses and can provide efficient assistance with all their property transactions.

    Outside of work, I study Spanish, grow vegetables, and plan to build my own home – the aim is to build a ‘passivhaus’, which is an environmentally friendly house. As an owner of a craft chocolate factory, I’m often on chocolate making or tasting courses; business and pleasure combined!

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