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    Whatever the problem, we’re all about resolution

    Civil disputes can be incredibly stressful. We’re here to support you with measured advice that achieves meaningful resolutions.

    Making a civil dispute claim

    Our Dispute Resolution team recognise that our clients do not have to deal with civil disputes and litigation on a daily basis. As such, we appreciate that when a civil dispute arises you need clear pragmatic advice at what is a stressful time.

    We have extensive experience in advising in a wide range of civil disputes affecting you and your family including:

    • Contentious probate disputes where you may wish to contest a Will, or make a civil dispute claim against an estate;
    • Trust disputes. You may be a trustee wishing to make a claim on behalf of a trust, or a disappointed beneficiary wishing to bring a claim against trustees for breach of their duties to you;
    • Property disputes ranging from boundary and party wall issues, to disputes over an interest held in property to which both parties claim a share;
    • Landlord and tenant issues whereby you are seeking to evict troublesome tenants, or issue a claim for rent arrears. We are able to assist whether your property is a one bedroom flat or a 200 hectare farm;
    • Professional negligence disputes arising from poor work carried out for you by builders, surveyors, architects, solicitors or other professionals;
    • Breach of contract and debt recovery matters in the event that money you have loaned is not being repaid.

    When a civil dispute arises you need to know that the advice you receive really does have your best interests at heart and that it is going to be provided in a down-to-earth manner at a proportionate cost to the issues involved. Our Civil Dispute Resolution team prides itself on providing frank, straight-talking advice focused upon what you want to achieve at a proportionate cost.

    If you or your family find yourselves involved in a dispute, it is important that legal advisors are able to swiftly assess the facts, advise you as to the law, and consider with you your options. Our team of experienced civil dispute resolution solicitors understand that these are the things that matter to you when you first come to see us.

    We will guide you through the process of writing a detailed letter of claim to the other party, preparing particulars of claim, court papers, witness statements, and evidence, all the way to trial and beyond, explaining each step and the cost to you along the way.

    We will always consider with you the commercial aspect of any claim and discuss with you what options are available to you aside from making a claim.  You can read more about these in our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) section. Our job is not to make money, our job is to do the best we can for you.


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