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    Unfurloughing FAQs: avoid the common traps

    Unfurloughing FAQs: avoid the common traps

    With Rishi and Boris hoping to wean employers off furlough, we thought it might be useful to publish the most frequently asked questions we are receiving when it comes to unfurloughing (who could even have guessed that would be an everyday word but 3 months ago?!)

    We've updated our FAQs on our website so head on over for a quick look at the sorts of issues everyone else seems to be grappling with too - you're not alone! We'll be updating these over the coming weeks as the rules around part time furlough become a reality so check back regularly for the latest position.

    The overwhelming message from us is that when planning the return to, dare we say it, the 'new normal':

    • remember, the advice is still that those who can work from home should work from home. Employers need to be genuinely flexible where possible and it might mean adapting hours, providing IT equipment or sharing duties in perhaps different ways;
    • be mindful of an individual's concerns but don't make assumptions. We've all got different attitudes to risk and pressures on us at home;
    • health and safety is now more important than ever before and is not a tick box exercise.

    If you just aren't sure where to start or if you have a particular issue which is proving tricky, please get in touch with any one of the Employment Law Team.

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