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    Increases in statutory payments from April 2020

    Increases in statutory payments from April 2020

    There is a traditional proverb that says "nothing is certain [in life] other than death and taxes". Now, some employment lawyers might say that a close third would be the annual increase each April, to a number of statutory benefit payments, with this April being no exception.

    The Department for Work and Pensions has set out proposed increases to a number of statutory benefit payments. The following weekly rates are expected to apply from April 2020:

    • Statutory sick pay (SSP) – £95.85 (up from £94.25)
    • Statutory maternity pay (SMP) and maternity allowance – £151.20 (up from £148.68)
    • Statutory paternity pay (SPP) – £151.20 (up from £148.68)
    • Statutory shared parental pay (ShPP) – £151.20 (up from £148.68)
    • Statutory adoption pay (SAP) – £151.20 (up from £148.68)

    The increase normally occurs on the first Sunday in April, which this year would be 5 April 2020.

    National Minimum Wage

    The National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage will rise from 1 April 2020. In what the Government has described as “the biggest cash increase ever”, the new rates will be:

    • Apprentice – £4.15 (up from £3.90)
    • Under 18 – £4.55 (up from £4.35)
    • 18 to 20 – £6.45 (up from £6.15)
    • 21 to 24 – £8.20 (up from £7.70)
    • National Living Wage (for those aged 25 and over) – £8.72 (up from £8.21)

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