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    Flexible Furlough and other things you may have missed

    Flexible Furlough and other things you may have missed

    Welcome to what feels like week 932 of lockdown and what better way to celebrate the advent of the Flexible Furlough Scheme (we don't recommend you use the acronym for this one!) than yet further updated guidance from the Government on how to implement it on the day it comes into play.

    You can read the latest guidance here but some pointers from us that could be easily missed:

    • The 3 week minimum period has been removed for new periods of furlough after 1 July. Employees who are eligible to be furloughed can therefore be furloughed for any period of time giving employers greater flexibility.
    • If you've furloughed people by rotation before 1 July, be careful! You can only claim now for the maximum number of employees you had furloughed at any one time before 1 July meaning you can't bring everyone back part time. You may have to choose who returns and who doesn't so be mindful in your decision-making.
    • Claims to HMRC must now be made in line with calendar months and must, generally, cover a minimum period of 7 days.
    • You cannot put someone on furlough just because they are taking holiday, with a view to claiming the furlough amounts towards their wages for that period. This is going to be seen as an abuse of the system and you can expect HMRC to come knocking. This may have been tempting given the removal of the minimum 3 week period but it is expressly not allowed.
    • There needs to be an agreement in place setting out the terms of the flexible furlough BEFORE the employee commences a partial return to work.

    We'll keep updating our FAQs but if you need help or support with Flexible Furlough Agreements, managing the return to work process or even redundancy situations please give us a call or drop us an email.

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