Yeovil Young Professionals with Fordington Gin

    Yeovil Young Professionals with Fordington Gin

    Last night our young professionals hosted their second Yeovil Young Professionals (YYP) event, this time held in our offices at Telford House.

    The focus behind these events is to provide a relaxed atmosphere where young professionals from neighbouring businesses can enjoy each other’s company, build their network but most importantly have fun in an informal environment.


    We were fortunate to be joined by Ros Nelmes from Fordington Gin where she conducted a blind tasting of six different types of gin.

    The evening began with a gin and tonic made with none other than Fordington Gin, a slice of lemon was added, together with star anise which gave it a wonderful flavour with a hint of liquorice. Cheese and biscuits from local companies including Dorset Blue Vinny and Maystack Cheddar was also enjoyed.


    Ros explained that gin is made with the same ingredients as vodka but in order to make it gin, juniper must be added. Botanicals are also added and can range from citrus fruits, cucumber or spices, to name a few. The botanical that the gin has been infused with tends to be the same botanical that you would enjoy it with at home as this brings out the flavour of the gin. For example, a gin made with citrus would ordinarily be enjoyed with a slice of lemon.

    The evening concluded with the Fordington Gin sorbet from award winning Baboo Gelato which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


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