Networking with a Difference

    Networking with a Difference

    As a Firm, we support many local projects and networking events around Somerset and Dorset. Our most recent endeavour was a networking bike ride organised by Savills.

    I was made aware of the event by Claire Hannaford, who recruited my services to meet others from local businesses who had undertaken the early morning outing.

    Our Events Manager, Paula Whitehead, informed me that the bike ride started at 8:00am last Thursday, and it just so happened that the heavens opened up as we were due to ride. I can tell you that a lot of grit and determination was needed to step out of a warm car onto a wet bike!

    Nevertheless, with everyone being optimistic about the ride, I was eager to get going and have a chat with some local businesses.

    After a few moments, we escaped the rush hour traffic and were in the country lanes around Ruishton, Durston and North Newton. As soon as we had left the outskirts of Taunton, the sun woke up and it was a beautiful morning in the countryside.  Being on a bicycle riding, through the country lanes, makes you appreciate the beautiful houses and country views that many of our clients enjoy every morning.

    Taking into consideration my lack of optimism in the morning, it was a fantastic event to attend and thoroughly enjoyed by Claire and myself.

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