#LoveDorset - An interview with Langham Wine

    #LoveDorset - An interview with Langham Wine

    We've been working with Justin and his team at Langham since 2014.  Each year, we buy their wine, specially branded with our logo, for gifts to staff and to donate to good causes throughout the year.

    When did you start your business and why?


    Justin Langham, an arable farmer, had been considering future diversification for some time and following a long-standing interest in wine, planted his first vines in 2009.  Justin was also inspired by his father who had previously planted some vines and so he was determined to build on this and turn it into successful commercial venture.

    What’s your favourite product and what makes you and your product special?

    Personally my favourite product is our magnum of Blanc de Blancs 2011.  One of our first, award-winning vintages, which has had time to develop on the lees and results in a wonderfully complex sparkler, made all the more exciting by being in a magnum – perfect for celebrations!

    What is your relationship with Porter Dodson?

    We have had a long-standing, and hopefully mutually beneficial, relationship with PD who play a very active role in supporting local businesses.

    Can you tell us about any notable challenges /successes?

    Biggest challenges have to be 1) English weather 2) ongoing need for investment/cashflow and 3) finding the right staff.  Successes include recognition in terms of awards from many competitions (national and international) we have entered, recognition in terms of national coverage and building a reputable brand.

    What are your plans for the future?

    Continuing to develop the brand with a focus on single estate, low-intervention wines alongside developing our national and international distribution.

    What’s the best thing about living in Dorset?

    Clearly the access to the amazing coastline and countryside we have on our doorstep and being part of a friendly and vibrant local food and drink scene.

    Author's Note

    Not only do our staff and local charities enjoy the locally crafted sparkling wine we purchase from Langham's each year, our clients and contacts have also enjoyed vineyard tours and seminars at this beautiful corner of the county. Last year, we welcomed Justin as guest speaker at our inaugural Young Rural Business Forum meeting, where he shared the story of the vineyard's success with other local, rural businesses.



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