Just one point away!

    Just one point away!

    Having signed up for the Moonraker Challenge, committed ourselves to seven miles and taken our compass reading lessons, we set out one sunny Saturday afternoon just after 5pm, decked out in our reflective gear.

    Following various clues and compass bearings, we set off from Hestercombe and made our way across fields, along roads and down lanes, hoping that we were on the right track. It was a lovely October evening, surprisingly warm and, thankfully, dry. Each team member had a part to play even if it was only carrying the supplies.

    Surprisingly we made good time and reached the two check points on schedule, where we were offered bananas and drinks by the Rotary team (although we preferred our own supply of sausage rolls and chocolate bars).

    Whilst the first half of the walk was in daylight and we enjoyed a lovely sunset, before walking the last leg in the dark, making the clues rather tricky to solve and the final hill particularly tough!! However, we made it to Fyne Court on schedule, just before 8.30pm and the pasty and soup at the end made it all worthwhile!

    We were delighted to be just one point away from the top spot, scoring 42 points out of a possible 43!

    You can contribute to Vicki, Sharon, Claire, Amanda, Mel and Susie's fundraising efforts at Virgin Giving.

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