FAB (Dorset) with Fordington Gin & Baboo Gelato

    FAB (Dorset) with Fordington Gin & Baboo Gelato

    Last week we were delighted to relaunch our FAB (Dorset) forum at the Shire Hall in Dorchester.

    IMG_0239 croppedLocal businesses, with an emphasis on those in the food and drink sector, joined us for a Fordington Gin evening. 

    The evening began with a tasting served by Fordington founder Ros Nelmes in the nuclear bunker, so called for its conversion  into a bunker for "high standing figures" in Dorset during the Cold War. In small groups, our guests then entered the cells where prisoners would have been held awaiting trial. 

    IMG_0229 copyEach Georgian cell held a different botanical that could be added to their drink, ranging from fresh basil to strawberries and citrus fruit. From the Georgian cells, volunteers led the way past the Victorian cells and a top-up station to the cell where the Tolpuddle Martyrs were held. From here they negotiated a small stone staircase to emerge in the dock in the Courtroom and dress up in period hats.

    The evening concluded with Fordington Gin Sorbet from award winning Baboo Gelato, and cheese from local companies such as Dorset Blue Vinny and Ford Farm, accompanied by Fudges biscuits.



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