Cycling… The set backs

    Cycling… The set backs

    Well I had good intentions, I did the training on the turbo (see last blog post on 17th March) and I even managed to go out and about on some longer rides. Unfortunately I suffered a slight set back with an injury for a couple of weeks with a bad back. I then got back on the bike only to have yet another back injury. Luckily I am now getting back into it all again and hope, in addition to the next three weeks, that I have enough training in the bank to get me through.

    This event and the charity (Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance) is important to me both for its importance in society and also due to an accident I was involved in.

    In 2005 I had the unfortunate experience of being hit by a car while I was out running in Dorset. Due to the roads, the Air Ambulance were called to be on standby in case the ambulance was unable to get through to me. Luckily for me the roads were clear and the ambulance could get through. Had they not been able to do so then it is a relief to know that emergency medical care can be provided by air. I ought to add that with huge thanks to Paramedics and Doctors at Dorchester County Hospital I made a good, if not difficult recovery.

    As a firm we have a team of individuals taking part and together we are hoping to raise as much money as we can. If you feel you are able to contribute to such a great cause then please do follow the link to our fundraising page and show your support. Any donation you are able to give will be gratefully received:

    I am very much looking forward to the event and I hope we have your support both in fundraising, if you are able to contribute, and on the day, if you are able to come out and cheer us along. You'll find the route map on the 'Bikely' website: DSAA C2C routemap

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